Finding the best phone system for your business can be challenging. Our enterprise voice solutions can be custom tailored to meet your business needs which makes the choice easier than ever. From our secure data centers, we can provide you all the features and functionality of traditional systems, and save you the hassle of dealing with cumbersome hardware. We manage your communications remotely, in “the cloud,” giving you new levels of flexibility and scalability. If you’re looking to simplify your communications and free up your business, Ally has the solution for your business.

At the heart of Ally Technology is our strong and reliable nationwide carrier-class hosted VoIP network with geographic redundancy, strong enough to ensure that your VoIP network is always up and running. Our custom voice switching platform has been designed to run in a decentralized environment that ensures reliability and robust performance. We monitor our voice network performance around the clock to ensure that your calls will always reach you. Your domestic long distance calls are all included in your bundled price, and if you’re calling international, you’ll enjoy extremely low rates.

Ally Technology gives you the option to choose the phone system based on your business requirements. Our solutions allow you to choose from our custom VoIP Solution, Ally VoIP Connect as well as Virtual Microsoft Lync Unified Communications. Our team of sales engineers and network engineers will help you choose and design the solution most suitable for any organization.


Ally VoIP Connect is our private, highly customizable phone system platform. This solution can be tailored to fit your specific business requirements across multiple office locations.


Microsoft Lync Unified Communications Platform is a robust phone system for large enterprises. It includes Lync Instant Messaging, as well as other Unified Communication features.