Virtual Desktops



Besides saving time, reducing hardware, making your software applications easier to maintain, virtual desktops also give your users the ability to access all of their applications and data from any device at any location.  Not having to manage desktops, software upgrades and on-site servers frees up your time and budget so you can focus on running your business. If you have an internal IT team, they can now focus on company initiatives instead of troubleshooting local computer issues, updates and maintenance.

Because your applications, data and computing reside in your own private network in Ally’s private elastic cloud, your business is more secure in instances of local power failure and local device destruction. Even in the event that a device is stolen, your private data is safe and secure.  Simply log into your virtual desktop from a new device and you are right where you left off - no new licensing required, setup needed or time wasted.

Expensive capital expenditures can be shifted into a predictable monthly costs, making it easier and faster to scale up or down, hire new employees, turn up new office locations and adapt to new business initatives.

Businesses like yours are implementing next-generation virtual desktops with the industry's proven infrastructure for end-user computing solutions.  Simplify your path to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with Ally Technology's proven product.

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