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DALLAS – April 31, 2015 – Tim Terrell, co-owner of Ally Technology announced today that the company has launched a revolutionary infrastructure solution to consolidate IT, hosting, voice and support into one easy, cost-effective package. Named Unified Infrastructure™, the suite meshes the latest technology to create a cloud-based package that can dramatically cut costs, improve security and expedite growth anywhere within North America.

As co-founder of Ally Technology, Tim Terrell is no stranger to success. A founder and president of Texas-based Cirro Energy, he was responsible for its business development and strategic alliance initiatives. Terrell also co-founded CapRock Communications and served as executive vice president of carrier sales. Both companies skyrocketed to the top of their industries, earning the attention of corporate suitors who purchased the profitable companies. Coupled with his industry-expert partners Benjamin Jenkins and Tom Sanders, that experience is now being channeled into Ally Technology.

 “Ally Technology’s continually evolving custom platform of exclusive products gives customers a competitive edge,” said Terrell. “Our technology suite allows businesses to access an elastic cloud platform with complete privacy and exclusivity. There’s simply nothing like it available and the value is truly astounding.”

Ally Technology’s primary product, Unified Infrastructure™, consolidates each arm of IT by combining voice, data, hosting and support into one easy to manage product. It combines custom virtual desktops, virtual servers and virtual networks in a creative, custom environment for an entire IT infrastructure.  Since the product is engineered and put into production in Ally’s private elastic cloud, customers are not required to purchase any server hardware; all server licensing, desktop operating system licensing and all Microsoft product licensing are all included.  

“Unified Infrastructure is the only all-encompassing solution with software, infrastructure, phone system, IT support and virtual desktops in a single package,” said Ben Jenkins, company co-founder. “Combining these resources allows clients to predict IT costs, as well as manage it on one scalable platform. A major advantage is our continual software updates, so clients never worry about migrating to a new system. We can set up a new location, anywhere, in a few minutes. It’s perfect for savvy companies on the move.”

Unified Infrastructure™ is Ally Technology’s primary product that includes:
•    Secure private bandwidth: Ally Secure Connect is a private internet connection to Ally data centers with allocated and secure browsing bandwidth.  This private, no public transport, connection gives businesses the most security possible for their entire infrastructure platform.

•    Virtual desktops: Virtual desktops are accessible anytime, from anywhere with internet access. This industry proven solution is the top of the line for end-user computing, mobility and scalability.

•    Virtual private servers: Virtual private servers are designed and implemented per customer requirements to allow for instant scalability, reliability and outstanding security.

•    Private Microsoft Exchange email: Ally implements Microsoft Exchange in a private, secure environment and handles every aspect of Exchange management and support.

•    Custom VOIP phone systems: Ally VoIP Connect is Ally’s private, highly customizable phone system platform. This solution can be tailored to fit specific business requirements across multiple office locations. Ally’s VoIP Connect includes the telephone numbers, minutes, auto attendants, customized call routing and much more.

•    Affordable licensing: Ally’s Unified Infrastructure with Virtual Desktops include the latest Microsoft Operating Systems, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Server and more all at an affordable monthly cost.

•    Scalable license management: Ally manages all operating systems and other Microsoft licenses, taking the time-consuming burden off an organization.

•    Premium support platform: Ally’s support portal allows a company to quickly and easily submit requests for support; with the infrastructure in a private cloud, Ally can quickly assist remotely without wasting valuable time deploying technicians.

 “Consolidating all IT components into one platform reduces headaches because there is a single source to call for assistance,” said Jenkins. “Our platform allows for seamless management of all IT products because Ally’s team does it, freeing clients up to focus on their business. Our scalability eliminates any IT issues that can come with growing a business. Ally can increase a server’s size, create new virtual servers and workstations with little notice and quick turn-around times.”

One of the most desirable aspects of the solution is Ally’s support mechanism. Ally’s robust support system provides a single portal with tiered access levels. This can give an organization's users direct access to Ally’s support team, while overseeing all support requests.

Though based in North Texas, Ally’s customers are nationwide. From manufacturing to banking, tech companies and services, they range in size and industry.

“From a sales perspective, our Unified Infrastructure product allows companies to do something financially that they have never been able to do with IT,” said Tom Sanders, co-founder and Executive Vice President of Sales.” We enable companies to switch from a Capex to an Opex model for all IT. With the monthly cost of an all-encompassing infrastructure, CEO’s, CIO’s and CFO’s can accurately project the cost of growth for their company in regards to Information Technology, which without our product is one of the most dynamic departments for cost analysis.”

Organizations interested in learning more about this revolutionary new solution can contact Ally Technology at (214) 613-0930 or

About Ally Technology
Founded in 2013 as Ally Telecom, Ally Technology gives organizations a competitive edge with a consolidated solution called Unified Infrastructure. The platform blends IT, hosting, voice and support into one easy, cost-effective package. Clients leveraging this technology range in every industry across the United States. For more information, visit