Ally Secure Connect



With the Ally Secure Connect your organization can completely isolate remote sites from the open internet.  With a traditional VPN you have encrypted traffic moving between locations across the open internet.  With the Ally Secure Connect your remote sites are connected using a private line on a carrier network that does not traverse the open internet.

There are many benefits to using Ally Secure Connect:


Maintain all of your sites as if there were local.  You will be able to have a single IP subnet for your entire organization.  No firewall and VPN maintenance.  Just connect the remote sites using a switch as if there were in your building.


Maintain a single firewall for your entire organization.  With the single point of internet access you can affordably add filters and throttle bandwidth without having to deploy to each remote site.  With no local internet access at the remote sites managing attack vectors is simplified.


With low latency links to remote sites we can deploy the infrastructure for the entire organization, manage bandwidth between sites by traffic type to ensure your voice and data networks maintain high quality at all times.