Unified Infrastructure™

With Ally Technology's proprietary Unified Infrastructure™ product, Ally consolidates each arm of IT, combining your voice, data, hosting and support into one easy to manage product. Ally engineers a custom, private environment for your entire IT infrastructure. Unlike other Infrastructure as a Service providers, Ally Technology's Unified Infrastructure™ platform is 100% engineered, managed and owned solely by Ally Technology.


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Ally Secure Connect is a private internet connection to our data centers with allocated and secure browsing bandwidth. This private, no public transport, connection gives you the most security possible for your entire infrastructure platform.


Ally VoIP Connect is our private, highly customizable phone system platform. This solution can be tailored to fit your specific business requirements across multiple office locations.

virtual desktop

Virtual Desktops which are accessible anytime, from anywhere with internet access. Read more about Virtual Desktops



The latest Microsoft Operating Systems, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Server, Adobe Licensing and much more all at an affordable monthly cost.


Virtual Servers that meet your requirements which can be expanded with ease as your business grows.


Our team manages all operating system and other Microsoft licenses taking this time consuming burden off your shoulders.


Virtual Microsoft Exchange in a private, secure environment.



Our support portal allows your company to quickly and easily submit requests for support. With your infrastructure in your private cloud, we can quickly assist remotely without wasting valuable time deploying technicians.